Sisters with invoices celebrates its first year of organizing

TRASH captured the commendable collective’s anniversary event. 

Words by Tierney Finster 
Photos by Whitney Gibson

A year ago, the wardrobe stylist, painter and creative consultant Amelian Kashiro Hamilton (@ameliankashiro) set out to create the community she long wished she’d had in L.A. Sure, she had plenty of friends and a variety of career experiences collaborating with artists including Leikeli47, Kelsey Lu, Paris Hilton and Chloe + Halle on music and fashion projects, but she yearned for a social space that was deeper. More vulnerable. More challenging. More educational. And ultimately, more fun.

With all that in mind, Sisters With Invoices was born – an organization dedicated to providing marginalized creatives, particularly black femmes and queer people of color, the resources, education and relationships they need to thrive. As the SWI motto goes, “Human First Money Second.” SWI has hosted a dozen or so programs in Los Angeles and Oakland since its inception, including guest lecturers and film screenings, and last just week treated guests to a decolonized vegan dinner, mezcal cocktails and open forum conversation with unapologetically punk femmes and non-binary people. 

“The one-year celebration was a true example of working horizontally – shoulder to shoulder with other creatives – and the result was a healing space where we fed one another's minds, bodies and spirit,” Kashiro tells me.

“When I launched SWI, I wanted to see what would happen if I committed to a year of producing these events. I’m so proud of the community that has developed, the friends I’ve made and what I’ve learned from listening in these spaces. SWI is still in development, but I love how it can feel like a spiritual pep rally,” she continues. “I want people to feel better about continuing on with their passion and love as marginalized creatives. The goal is to make these independent artists feel as good as these corporate influencers get to feel. These artists deserve these same benefits, perks and opportunities.” 

Check out some of the wonderful artists in attendance below:

Amelian Kashiro Hamilton, stylist, painter, consultant and founder of Sisters With Invoices

Camila Casanas, herbalist and holistic chef.

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Davia Spain, singer, screenwriter, model, artist, performer. 

Dicko Chan, photographer and conceptual artist. 

Gbenga, artist 

Cici, pastry chef and owner of Madeline & Pearl Sweet Boutique 

Queens D.Light, musician, filmmaker and member of The House of Malico, “a multi-medium art production platform re-imagining contemporary culture through the vision and voices of (queer) women of color.

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Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angele