Saturn WOWs At TRASH's Party In L.A.

The musician's set at the Electric Pussycat was extremely entertaining. 

Words by Tierney Finster 
Photos by CPFC Studio  

Saturn (@saturnrisin9) absolutely killed their performance at WOW in Los Angeles, a nightlife event co-sponsored by TRASH and hosted by the likes of Kevin McGarry (@kevinmcgarry), MEZ (@spacecowboymez), Daniel Osahon (@daniel.osahon) and Mandy Harris Williams (@idealblackfemale). Fellow TRASH Angel Niko Karamyan (@nikotheikon) was also in attendance as Saturn stormed the two-story stage, descended down a stripper pole fit for a fire station and performed original songs including “Orange” and “Diss Bitch.” 

Check out these highlights for yourself: 

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