Citlali Flores Dresses To Impress Herself

This entrepreneurial curve model sells style on Instagram. 

Words by Trash
Photos by jess calleiro 

Citlali Flores (@uuggh_as_if) describes her personality as “creative, fun, shy, confident, friendly, genuine, sensitive and sexy.” 

She uses Instagram as a platform to showcase her love for getting dressed and putting looks together, and provides her followers a chance to shop her closet with regular story sales. 

“Getting ready is my favorite thing to do,” Citlali says.  

For Citlali, the best part of running her own business  is “picking and choosing” what she puts her energy into, which can change from week to week and even day by day. 

Citlali says the creators who inspire her to keep working on her own content are: 

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Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angele