Airis Encarnacion Edits Everything

The highschool sophomore on her signature supercuts. 

Words by Trash 
Photos by TREVOR BAUM  

Airis Encarnacion may go by @anxietyy.mp4, but her stylish video edits usually produce quite the opposite feeling. As a 15-year-old living in the Bay Area, Airis taught herself how to extract inspiring clips from film, television, music videos and other media in order to build supercuts reflecting her own creative vision. Airis is still developing who she is as an artist, but her body of work and engaged community of followers speaks to her emerging talent as a video creator. 

TRASH caught up with Airis after her visit to our New York studio and asked her to TRASH some new edits for us.


Most of the time, it’s random. Like, ideas just come out of nowhere. The first thing that inspires me is the song. Usually it’s one of my favorite songs, or on my playlist, but sometimes I even find songs from other edits on instagram.

Music is always playing for me. Always. It is one of the biggest things for me. Anytime I hear a song, sometimes I can visualize videos and scenes in my head. I always try to expand my music taste as far as possible to find new songs, not just for edits, but also for my taste.

How do you source your content?

I usually get my source material from YouTube, vimeo, or other creators videos on Instagram.


What do you love most about making edits? 

The thing I love most about making edits is the end product. Seeing it all come together, and seeing that people like it also fills my heart. It makes me so happy.

Do you have a favorite edit you’ve made?

I think one of my favorite edits I made was on August 28, captioned “BABUSHKA BOI.” That one was all me, except the clips. But I chose the song, and it was original content. The song fit perfectly to the clips and the mood of the video in some strange way, and it was just perfect to me.

Will you walk us through the source material you used to create your party-vibes VIDEO?

Yes – Dazed and Confused, That 70’s Show, the “Bandersnatch” episode of  Black Mirror, an episode of Scooby-Doo, the “1979” music video by Smashing Pumpkins, some videos from @domfits on Instagram, the “Tunnel of Love” music video by haroinfather, and last but not least, 4th Grade’s Mid90s documentary from the movie mid90s.

 found the song for this video on one of my friend’s edits (@dispost). I wanted the mood to be chill, so I chose clips of people dancing at parties, doing drugs and other things with their friends. It was fun to put that edit together, I really liked the song and the beat. Just everything about it, especially seeing the end product…. Creating a video like this can range from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on whether or not I really know what I want the video to look like, or its mood.

The artist that created this song, KESHORE, personally asked me to make them an edit for this song. This edit was actually a little difficult to make, since I’ve never edited to a song with a beat/sounds like “I HATE U 2.” The song has a vaporwave 80s, hypnotizing aesthetic.

do your edits connect you with a lot of  other independent artists online?

Making edits has helped me find friends with similar interests. A lot of my online friends are editors, and we usually send each other our edits on instagram. I sometimes talk to them in calls, and one of my friends actually wants to go to school for video editing.

Will you TRASH one of your favorite music videos?

Yes, here’s a new edit of “Highest In The Room” by Travis Scott.

What edit accounts do you like to follow for inspiration and your own entertainment?

Some of my favorites are @dispost, @phylm, @cozykillz, @anniebercy, @wakeupzuzi, @nitetive, and @cutall111.

What is your favorite TV show right now?

My favorite TV show right now has to be either The Good Place or Euphoria. The Good Place is a great show to watch when I’m feeling down. It’s a comedy show with 20 minute episodes so I watch those sometimes. Euphoria is one of my favorites because of the visuals and Zendaya; I thought her acting was really good.

Who is your favorite influencer / creator right now?

Briana King! She’s a skater and she’s advocating for young girls to skate. I also love her style and her positivity.

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